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Mash-Ups I’d Like To See

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Mash-ups of pop culture characters are all the rage these days. Aliens and Predators, Freddys and Jasons, Tin man vs. Iron Man, the list is endless. In fact, it's been done so much that there aren't many combinations of Pop Culture icons left. Here are some of the few pop culture mashups that haven't yet been done, that ought to be.


Peter Griffin/ Jigsaw


Nothing would be more enjoyable than seeing Peter Griffin trying to claw his way out of a pit full of broken hypodermic needles to reach a key to unlock the slow closing cage full of spikes on his face.


Garfield/ The Punisher


The Punisher could break through a window into a room full of mobsters and blow them all away, and Garfield could have at any leftover pasta the mobsters didn't finish when they were interrupted by having their lives ended. Everybody wins!


Invader Zim/ Pinhead


Invader Zim's dark hatred of human beings would be taken to new, horrifying depths, as Pinhead taught him to use mankind's innate, secret lust for eroticism and violence against itself.


The Twilight Cast/ Actual Modern Opinions About Sex


It's about time we saw what the characters in Twilight would be like if they didn't have the sexual mores of a nun in 1840's rural England. You'd probably have to bring plastic sheets to put over the people in the front row of the theater so they didn't get splashed with all the dirty sweat dripping off of those sweet monster bodies.


Harry Potter/ The Salem Witch Trials


Harry Potter would try to give his neighbor a magic jelly been that didn't taste good, then get reported for using magic on a jelly bean, then given an unfair trial to determine whether he was a witch, then stoned to death by locals. Early North American Settlers, you so crazy!


Papa Smurf/ Nicholas Cage


Nicholas Cage would think Papa Smurf was a little blue man who was sent by God to show him "the way." For a little while, then after a few weeks of cleaning up Papa Smurf droppings and being annoyed at Papa Smurf always borrowing his sunglasses Nicholas Cage would fly into a rage, accuse Papa Smurf of being a false Messiah, get drunk, and eat him.


Insanity Wolf/ Taylor Swift


I'd just like to see what Insanity Wolf would do with Taylor Swift. Probably he would cut off her hands and send them to her for her birthday with a note that said, "World's Greatest Grandpa!."


What would be some other great mash ups? Let us know in the comments!


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