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Ways to Meet the Opposite Sex If You’re Single

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Meeting people is hard, online dating is a drag, and sometimes, trying to strike up a conversation with someone in real life is just awkward. I mean, what are you supposed to say? “Hi, there is a sky outside and it has weather in it?” That’s a good way to blow your one shot at finding love. Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe you should start looking for love in all the right places — specifically, these places. Here’s where you can meet members of the opposite sex.


At a sailing class


Is there anything more romantic than three hours alone on a boat with a person, and also your sailing instructor and also the three other people who signed up for the class? The close quarters of a Catalina 22 mean you’ll be forced to press up against the strange sailor who will soon become your lifelong crew mate. Just don’t fall overboard! Accidental drowning is a huge epidemic, especially during the summer months.


At a dodgeball game


The best way to meet people is by being around other people. Joining a dodgeball league is a fun way to be around other singles who are looking to mix and mingle. Peg the hottie you’ve been eyeing with the ball really, really hard. Like, so hard it bruises and maybe scars. It’ll create a great ice breaker! They’ll ask, “What the f*ck is your problem?” giving you the perfect opportunity to tell them exactly what is your problem.


Outside a bar, looking for people who had bad Bumble dates


Have you ever heard the expression “buy low, sell high”? Did you know it can also apply to dating? Just camp out next to a bar (or any other popular date spot) and wait for people to exit who look like they just had the Bumble date from hell. Anything would be better than the date they were just on, and that anything is going to be you.


On the side of the road


You never know if the person whose car just broke down because of a faulty fan belt today will be your soulmate tomorrow. So grab a gas can, find a good spot by the highway, and wait for love to drive by. Just be sure to casually drop that you’re single while you’re changing their flat! Pro tip: the further outside of town you go, the longer someone is going to have to wait for help to reach them. This means that you’ll be less likely to have that pesky AAA guy trying to steal your action!


In a dumpster


You never know where love will find you. Maybe it’ll be in a dumpster next to Dunkin Donuts’ day-old eclairs? If you do find someone in a heap of trash, just dust your potential date off and they’ll be good to go! Waste not, want not!


Under a rock


Most people will say you have to put yourself out there, but if everyone is putting themselves out there, you’ll have too much competition. Going against the grain can lead to large payoffs. Steve Jobs, anyone?? So just find the largest rock you can find (we suggest one in Yosemite), crawl underneath it, and wait for love to find you. It’ll get there eventually!

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