Meltan Is the Strange New Pokemon Coming to ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu’: Here Are Some Early Drafts of His Design!

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For the last few days, a mysterious blob/ lug nut creature has been popping up in the digital world of Pokemon Go and sending Poke-fans into a tizzy.

Is it a hint of a new Pokemon gen? A glitch? What Ditto looks like when he dies?

But today, the Official Pokemon Youtube channel put out a video that gave us out answer — the little guy is a new Pokemon named Meltan, and he’s mythical, and Professor Oak is stoked to see one caught int he wild after so long!

But as with any new character, a number of artists took a swing at Meltan, each coming up with their own design for the legendary Pokemon. We here at Smosh have tracked down some of those early concepts, so take a look at what Meltan could have been!

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