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Meme My Dog! Here Are the Best Reaction Photos of My Dog

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I am a dog owner, and I am always jealous whenever I see someone else’s pet become some sort of reaction meme. A lot of pets just embody “WUT” or “lmao” or “seize the means of production, comrade”, and frankly I think it’s unfair that no one has found some internet thing/jargon/Marxist theory for my dog to represent. One of the things that might be standing in his way might be the fact that he is incapable of feeling joy and also has a glaucoma/missing teeth/pile of loose neck skin situation that makes people stop and say “it was very kind of you to take this animal in” but hey, I’ve attempted more fruitless endeavors before. So here are some photos of my dog that will be there for you the next time you need a good dog meme…

He’s a funny dog!