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Memes From 2011 I Just Don’t ‘Get’

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Not every meme can be a Nyan cat or a First World Problems. I fricking LOVE me some First World Problems. Many a meme don't take off at all. I mean you can't force a meme, right? And then there are some that kind of take off and… I just don't get them. I'm not gonna say these are the worst memes of 2011, but these are the ones for some reason or another I just DO NOT GET. Therefore rendering them kind of meh. For me. So calm yourself when you are outraged by one of my choices.


Ancient Aliens


I can't be expected to understand something that is derived from a show on the History Channel. A: I don't even have that channel and  B: I only like more modern history, not like ancient stuff. And thirdly, it is always aliens…so what's the joke?


Coning (Or Is It Cone-ing?)


WHY WOULD YOU EVER WASTE PERFECTLY GOOD ICE CREAM? I will neverr understand this 'trend'. And another thing…if Justin Bieber participates in your attempt to start a viral humor movement, it's over before it began.


Sexy Sweaters


These sexy sweaters are neither sexy nor sweaters. Discuss! Maybe if they called this meme 'things that hipsters wear' I might be able to get behind it…actually scratch that, I'm over hipster bashing. Hipster Ariel was the pinnacle of the hipster-related meme category. Besides I was into hipster bashing when hipsters still seemed like they were just trying to express their individuality and not as bunch of hopeless doofuses who would consider it acceptable to wear a McDonald's uniform to their wedding.


48÷2(9+3) = ?


This meme lost me at math. I literally fell asleep sitting at the computer reading about this meme and bashed my head on the dining room table after I collapsed into a pile of boredom. It had nothing to do with the red wine on an empty stomach. Promise.


Stawp It Rahn!


Do we really need a meme that illustrates how annoying the relationship between Sammi and Rahn is?? It's just furthering the gratingly annoyingness of it all. Besides, no Jersey Shore-related funny can EVER top 'Come at me, bro!' Or when my friend recently dissed Snooki after she announced she had reached her goal weight of 98 pounds, by saying  "105 pounds more to go…just to be safe." STAWP IT!


iPhone Whale


I mean it is cute and all, but I don't understand…OHHHHHH wait…I think I just got it.  But I still don't get it…if you know what I mean. (Editor note: iPhone whale is awesome. Desi and I disagree here.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses


It was cool the first time I saw it. But then it quickly became repetitive and boring. Then there was this Michael Jackson one and I perked up. Then it was boring again.


Pizza Is A Vegetable


WHAT IS WRONG WITH PIZZA BEING DECLARED A VEGETABLE!?!? The people who made this meme are nothing but a bunch of commie, goody two shoe budinskis. Hello? Pizza has vegetables! Tomato sauce? Onions? Olives? The seasonings and herbs in the delicious sausage that covers up the taste of the vegetables on the pizza?  In your face, Debbie Downers! Now go back to your tofu and brown rice and SUCK IT!

What memes do you not get? Feel free to let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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