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Microsoft Tablet To Take On The iPad‎

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There isn't a lot of room left in the tablet market. Apple is king, not necessarily on specs but in terms of providing an ecosystem to get music, movies, and apps easily onto your device. Android is there, scraping up those who want a more adaptable OS. So if you're a tech company—one of the biggest in the world, say—how would you go about breaking into tablets yourself? What if you were just more colorful?!

surface with colored covers

Okay, maybe there's more to Microsoft's new tablet than colors. But yes, Microsoft is indeed getting into the tablet space with a new device called the Surface. Featuring a rubber keyboard cover for protection, it would seem that the Surface is trying to ride the line between laptop and tablet harder than any of its competitors. Thing is, it's still a tablet. I'm reminded of that hunchback monster guy in 300 who wanted to be a Spartan who had to learn that armor doesn't make you something you're not.

hunchback 300
Even if that armor has a keyboard.

The Surface will launch with two models, one running Windows RT and using a fairly standard mobile CPU and one with full-on Windows 8 and powerful laptop-level processor. While the RT model is like, "Yeah, I'm just a tablet" the Windows 8 version is all "Dawg, I'll be a tablet OR a laptop. I got a full Windows OS running behind me here! Whatever you need me to be, I'll be." It's basically me going to my high school prom with the girl who reluctantly said yes because her boyfriend broke up with her the night before.

awkward prom
What will it take for you to like me? Because I will do it.

So who is this device for? I'm trying hard to imagine being in a Starbucks, trying to fold up my magnetic flip cover, close my kickstand, and get it all back into my backpack. I thought all the USB ports would make computing easier on my tablet, but it just creates more pieces to the Surface puzzle. Now I have to wrap up the cord to my hard drive and put away my USB mouse! Why didn't I just buy a laptop? Dear God, I tried to have it all, and I've ended with nothing! This is neither convenient nor powerful! What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

surface at starbucks
I guess it's not that bad. Little cumbersome, is all.

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