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Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot

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What the heck is up with Miley Cyrus?

Pantiless pics of Cyrus have surfaced on various websites recently.

What is she thinking? She's only 17 years old.


The most recent crotch shots are of Miley performing on stage sans panty. The audience has a perfect view of her crotch and of course the photographers were more than happy to snap a few shots for posterity.


What happened to Disney's little darling? 


Why is she performing on stage with no panties? Why is she dancing around and flipping her skirt up with no panties on? She's obviously starved for publicity and will take whatever she can get.


Perez Hilton was forced to remove a link to a crotch shot of Miley getting out of a car from his blog last week. He had to, he was threatened with charges of trafficing child pornography for posting the link to the now 17-year-old Miley's glorious lady parts.


I'll tell you what we should do… Next time she gets on stage without panties on, Miley should be charged with promoting and trafficing child pornography. She's the one going out showing off her 17-year-old va-jay-jay.


What? She's allowed to go on stage with no panties and what? We're not supposed to look?

Fat chance.


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