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Miley Cyrus Does Justin Bieber!

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Saturday Night Live has been making fun of Miley Cyrus a lot lately. Vanessa Bayer does a dead-on Cyrus in the sketch Pretty Cool that they have been perfecting since last fall. Miley responded in the press by saying that she thinks it's all "pretty cool" and totally funny… she wanted everyone to know that she has a good sense of humor about it all.


So it was just a matter of time before SNL producers asked her to host the show, which she did this weekend. Miley totally delivered, I mean she's not that funny, but she showed that she's totally game for just about anything as long as it's good "clean" fun.

In the opening sketch Miley did a decent Lindsay Lohan impression in SNL's spoof of a Charlie Sheen talk show called Duh! WINNING! Then she runs off stage to get ready for her opening monologue.

It was a classic SNL opening monologue – she makes fun of herself and the recent non "scandals" that seem to be plaguing her life and sings a song. I find her voice to be annoying and very "Broadway" but that doesn't keep her from singing in just about every single sketch. Whatevs.

The writers seem to really know how to write for her, maybe that's because they have so much practice writing the Miley Cyrus spoof talk show Pretty Cool.

But the best part of the show by far was when Miley appeared on Pretty Cool as Justin Bieber.

She really captured his moves, bizarre body gestures and "swagger." It was dead on. She even kinda looked like him.

It was kinda creepy to see her in Bieber drag. Reviews were good, most people seemed to like her on the show. I thought the show was pretty boring for the most part but I will say, her Bieber impression was totally the best part.


Check it out and let us know what you think of Miley's Bieber impression!

Did you see SNL? What did you think of Miley on the show? What was your favorite part? What did you think of her Bieber impression? Let's chat about it in the comments below yo!

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