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Miley, Madonna & 6 Other Celebs With Crazy Stalkers

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Celebrities are constantly getting stalked by crazy people who want to make babies with them or live on a magic carpet together in the sky.

Miley Cyrus had a bit of a stalker scare earlier this week when a teenaged fan, who found Miley's address by taking one of those Hollywood Celebrity Home bus tours, decided to get a closer look at the singers house. This isn't even Miley's first stalker. She's got another celebrity stalker who travels around the country to see her and claims to be her fiance.

It seems that everyone is obsessed with celebrities and stalkers are certainly no exception to the rule. Here are some other famous celebrity stalking situations…


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton (OF COURSE she shows up here again, she shows up EVERYWHERE) just had a huge scare this past August, when a dude with two huge knives got busted trying to get into her house. Paris being Paris, tweeted about it.

Totally normal to tweet about a psycho with two huge knives breaking into your house as it's happening by the way.


Michael Jackson

Poor Michael Jackson had tons of stalkers. One MJ stalker named Paul Jones pretended to be the son of John Gotti and sent threatening letters to Michael to terrorize him… asking for money. He threatened to "commit mass murders at his concerts if Jackson refuses to comply." He even threatened to kill Michael Jackson himself. Luckily nothing bad came of this situation.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow had a stalker who use to like to send her 5 love letters a day, candy, flowers, pizza and porn. Take notes gentlemen! That's how you impress a lady.



Singer Jewel (who? I know, she used to be famous. Trust me.) was harassed by a 50 year old guy named Michael Lawrence, who tried to get onto the 2000 acre ranch she shares with her rodeo riding husband Ty Murray… twice. Murray kicked Lawrence off the ranch himself the first time, but Lawrence thought he was "on a mission from God" and came back again! The second time he had a pocket knife and a dog with him. We're not sure what the dog was for, maybe he needed a buddy because stalking can get lonely.


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest had a murderous stalker after him who had special military training! "25 year old Chidi Uzomah Jr. was a member of the US Special Forces, a division of military for elite, highly trained soldiers. In 2009, Uzomah was arrested for attacking one of Seacrest’s bodyguards. He was soon after found wandering the halls of the E! offices in search of Seacrest. Upon being apprehended, a knife was found on his person." Chidi apparently wanted to kill Ryan Seacrest.



Madonna had a super crazy homeless psycho threaten to "slit her throat from ear to ear" in the 90's. Robert Dewey Hoskins was his name, and he got sentenced to 10 years in prison for threatening her and climbing the walls of her house to get inside the property. Then one of her security guards shot him! She's always getting stalked though. She had another stalker in 2004 who sent a bunch of nasty letters to her house in London and he kept trying to follow her. She was afraid he was going to shoot her and I guess she got super paranoid. Madonna, I'm sure it's hard being as lame as you are, but you don't deserve to be killed by a psycho.


Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff had a scary Russian stalker a few years ago… he moved here to the United States to "remove the enemy." The "enemy" being Joel Madden, Duff's boyfriend at the time. Duff's stalker moved in with a paparrazi named David Klein (who later was accused of co-stalking with Max) and shared all kinds of scary plans with his new roommate. He was just 18 years old and totally nuts!

What do you think of celebrity stalkers? Scary right? But does it come with being a celebrity??

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