The 11 Funniest Reactions to That Insane ‘Millennials KILLED Mayonnaise’ Article

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An article titled “How Millennials Killed Mayonnaise” was published in Philadelphia Magazine over the weekend, and it has a LOT of people talking. While the article relies more on anecdotal commentary instead of actual facts and statistics, the argument makes sense. It can be reasonably argued that many millennials are opting for tastier, healthier spreads like avocado and olive oil these days. Also mayo is objectively disgusting. While many millennials are frustrated by the blame being dropped on them for the ending of just about every industry and/or business, this is one murder we will proudly collectively take credit for.

What’s your reaction to the insane “How Millennials Killed Mayo” article? And are you happy that mayo is DEAD NOW, and will never ever be available for purchase again, and will be completely replaced by garlic sriracha tzatziki aioli by 2020? (Just the word on the millennial street). Let us hear your thoughts @Smosh!