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Mind Blowing 3-D Illusions!

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Warning! Normally, if you feel nauseous or get a headache while reading an article here, it because the jokes are corny, or there are, too, many, commas. However, in this case, some of these can make certain people actually ill. If you feel woozy, STOP READING THE ARTICLE.

That being said… These are pretty awesome.


Motion Illusion

This image isn't animated in any way. It's completely static. Any motion you see is your brain playing tricks on you. Sometimes, your brain can be a jerk.


Floating Cube

Floating cubes. How do they work? Oh. That's how they work.


Impossible Balls

Hehe. Balls. This is an illusion from YouTube illusion master brusspup.


Spinning woman

Is this woman moving clockwise? Or counter clockwise? The answer is supposed to determine if you are “right brained” or “left brained.” I see it both ways depending on when I look at it, so my brain is probably broken. Here she is going both ways .(my kind of woman. ZING!)



Again, this is NOT an animated image. Stupid brain! Settle down!



What's black and white and not really moving? THIS.


Mind Window

What the…


Blue Waves

I want to get this on a t-shirt to mess with people…


Blue Point

See those dots? Well, you shouldn't. They aren't there.



Another static one. NO animation trickery involved!


3D Ferrari

I think I have the same car…



Snake! It's a snake!


10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes.

Yes, I know this is kind of a commercial. But they don’t make that phone anymore, and there’s a robot dinosaur in there, so we thought we should include it.


Oh no!

I hope this isn't true!



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