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Mind-Blowing Japanese Art

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We're all familiar with Anime and how awesome that is. About 60% of Japanese art is anime, about 30% is pictures of school girls tied up with jump rope and looking all scared. But there is a wide variety of Japanese art that ranges from painting to architecture that has nothing to do with either fighting in outer space while your hair is all big or making school girls cry. And alot of it is awesome:


Yowayowa Camera Woman


Natsumi Hayashi is a Tokyo native who posts a self portrait of herself floating once a day. The images are surreal and exciting. There are many guesses as to why she's so into floating, my guess is that she taught herself to float so that tentacle creatures can't grab her and have sex with her.


The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife


Uhhhh. So this painting was originally printed in Kinoe no Komatsu, published in three volumes from 1814, and is part of type of erotica called "Shunga." I believe "Kinoe No Komatsu" roughly translates to, "The Worst Things I Could Possibly Think Of."


Candy Wang Hat


The artist Takao Sakai is stoked on candy. He's way into making art that looks like Japanese candy. So apparently there's a type of candy that looks a giant wang with a smiling mouse for a head.


Naha Harbor Diner


Located in Okinawa, It's your basic diner. Except that the food on the menu is locally grown and organic. And the diner is located on the top of a giant man made banyan tree. Architectural radness of this caliber is rare to find, and the sheer creativity of the innovation will make you think twice the next time you get excited by such Denny's innovations as "naming a milkshake after Good Charlotte," and, "cleaner restrooms."




An art movement in Japanese centered around making trucks look like outer space war mechs. The trucks can take up to 20 years to complete, because the modifications are so expensive, and the artists tend to be truckers who are just bored as sh*t and looking for something to do with their time. It certainly beats the hell out of what truckers in the U.S. do when they get bored to entertainment themselves, which is pick up hitch hikers and kill them.


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