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MINECRAFT: 6 Craft-tacualr Creations!

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Minecraft is probably the coolest video game on the planet. If you try hard enough, you can create anything in it. Who needs the real world when Minecraft can give you anything you could ever want? I just get a stack of pizzas, a few 2 liters of Mountain Dew, and a diaper and I’m good to play Minecraft for a few days. Here are the coolest Minecraft creations.


Redstone Computer

If someone can make a computer this fancy then what is stopping someone from creating the ultimate super computer. Sometimes I wonder if our entire universe is inside of a computer built in a giant Minecraft game created by a 12 year old named Trent with way too much time on his hands. A Minecraft Universe seems a lot more likely to me than a “big bang” starting everything.


Giant Printer

My printer is always out of ink. It’s nice to know that someone can create a Minecraft printer that will never run out of ink. There were so many times in college that I had to make a late night trip to the computer lab to print something that I was on first name basis with all of the lab assistants. If I had this printer, I’d turn in all my papers this way. Sure, all of my papers would just be a creeper face, but I’m pretty sure they’d give me an A.


Dcotor Who’s Tardis

I’m kind of a Doctor Who nut so seeing this in Minecraft is a dream come true for me. Not only is this thing bigger on the inside, it also allows you to teleport around the map. Now it’s not so weird that I always eat fish fingers dipped in custard while I play Minecraft.


Noteblock Songs

Noteblocks are the future of music. I tried to get in to all of the fancy music conservatories as a noteblock virtuoso and they all rejected me because noteblocks aren’t a “real” instrument. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when noteblocks replace every orchestra in the world and I’m more famous than The Beatles.



I’m incredibly bad at gambling. Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I always have really high hopes that this will be the time that I actually win something. What happens in reality is that I blow through all of my money in the first day, and then I spend the rest of the trip sulking in my room. I really want to just once be able to flip over the black jack table without having 50 security dudes tackle me. In this Minecraft casino, when you rage quit after losing all of your money, you can destroy the entire casino. That’s got to feel super sweet.


Fancy Calculator

Your teachers probably get pretty pissed if you’re playing Minecraft during class. With this Minecraft calculator, you can finally be like, “No, I’m doing work you dummy!” Then they’ll suspend you for calling them a dummy. Of course, a suspension just means you get to stay at home and play Minecraft all day without any bothering you. HOORAY!


What’s the most awesome thing that you’ve built in Minecraft? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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