Craving an Animal Crossing on Switch? Mineko’s Night Market Will Hold You Over, Also Is Full of Cats

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When Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hit our iPhones last year, we were not only terrified, we were excited — why would Nintendo put out an Animal Crossing mobile game if they weren’t planning to link it on up that bad boy up with a full-on Animal Crossing game for the Switch? Well, here we are, almost a year later, and Nintendo has been all quiet on the Animal Crossing front.

So we need a new game to fill that itch we all have to wander around a cute town populated by animals who want to buy our shells and bugs. And Mineko’s Night Market looks like that game (so long as the only animal you care about are cats):

While it’s already out on Steam, Mineko’s Night Market is coming at some point this year to the Nintendo Switch from Meowza Games. Its trailer shows off the kinds of real life activity-based minigames we’re used to seeing in the Animal Crossing. But it also has a lot more cats! Like, by a factor of ten. We’re talking the only animals in this game are cats. And to that we say — thank god.

This eagle man from Animal Crossing makes us DEEPLY uncomfortable, and we’re glad he’s gone.


Games like Mineko’s Night Market answer the Nintendo fan’s biggest question— how are we supposed to wait two or three years between giant Nintendo games? The answer has to be these third party-developed pseudo-Nintendo games. Do you think the wait for Super Mario Sunshine would have been even a half as bearable if we didn’t get Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie in that time frame? The answer is no. If we had to go that long without a 3D platformer, there would have been chaos in the streets.

animal crossing riot

“Go hunt for Stars somewhere else, ya punks!”


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