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Model Molested At Star Wars Convention

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It’s been a tough week for celebrity females making personal appearances. First Tila Tequila was pelted with rocks and bottles at the Gathering Of The Juggalos last weekend in Illinois. Then, former America’s Next Top Model winner Adriane Curry was at an Orlando, Florida Star Wars convention where she was dressed like slave girl Princess Leia from the movie "Return Of The Jedi."



And that’s when trouble struck.



Curry claims that an unknown man stuck his hand into her costume and groped her in the bushes outside the event.



Police arrived on the scene and arrested the man for disorderly intoxication. Curry said she loves Star Wars and that she will not be pressing charges.

That must have been pretty scary for her. We’re glad she came out okay. However, we’re not sure it’s the best idea to dress in such a skimpy costume around a bunch of drunk fanboys.

Here are some other costumes that you might want to avoid wearing to certain events.


Hotdog At Eating Contest


They’ll dip you in water and then eat you.


Dog At Michael Vick’s House


He’ll make you fight and bet money on you.


Toilet Paper At A Public Bathroom

Strangers will wipe their butts with you.


Penguin At Killer Whale Convention

They’ll fling you out of the water and then eat you.


Werewolf At Sookie Stackhouse’s Home


You will get your ass kicked!


Aluminum Can At Lady Gaga’s House

She’ll chop you up and wear you.


Monkey At An Animal Testing Lab

Evil scientists will do experiments on you.


A Lobster In A Fine Seafood Restaurant

They’ll put you in a pot and boil you.


Rabbit At Elmer Fudd’s House

He’ll shoot you.


Prescription Drugs At Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday Party

She’ll ignore you because she totally doesn’t have a drug problem.


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