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More Reality Show Ideas From The Creators Of MTV’s ‘Sixteen And Fat’

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An upcoming reality show entitled 'Sixteen and Fat' will show us the lives of girls who are both sixteen AND fat. But the monsters who would think up this idea aren't ones to rest on their disgusting, slimy laurels. No, they have a whole slate of shows ready to turn our stomachs in the Fall. Here are some of their worst ideas:


Blind People in a Maze


This is actually an entire television channel, where any time, 24 hours a day, you can tune in and see blind people stumbling around lost until they collapse and die.


Fifteen and Ungodly Fat


If you thought the 16 year olds on Sixteen and Fat were fat, wait until you meet the star of Fifteen and Ungodly fat, which follows one fat fifteen year old, Mark, through an entire season. How does he get so fat? Well, each episode of Sixteen and Fat ends with Mark actually eating the fat sixteen year old. It's being called the best example of cross promotion since the Jetsons met the Flintstones.


And There's Nothing You Can Do About It


Each week, this show finds an adorable kid and spend the entire episode showing him minding his own business, either playing with toys or gently petting baby animals. Then at the end their parent comes up and yells at them for something they totally didn't do. At the end, the parent turns to the camera and the studio audience, who we haven't heard from any other time besides now, chants along with him as as he says "And there's nothing you can do about it."


The Racist Horse Breeders


These horse breeders are so racist they even turned up their nose at a fleabitten grey horse, which is basically a white horse with freckles. Jerks.


What's Gonna Happen to these Kittens?


It's never good. It is never, ever good.


Homeless, Pregnant, Depressed, and With Bad Taste in Movies


You've really got to pile it on, don't you reality producers?

Which show makes you the saddest? Let us know in the comments!


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