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10 Most Awkward Movies to Make Out To

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You’re super stoked – the person you’ve been crushing on all year just asked you to come over and watch a movie. This is your moment to finally let them know your true feelings and maybe make a move. You settle in on the couch, ready for an ultimate make out sesh, when your crush pushes the play button. If any of these movies come on the screen, your chances for a romantic night can probably be thrown right out the window. Here’s our list of the top ten most awkward movies to make out to – ever!


10. Black Swan


Natalie Portman won the Oscar for her role in this creepy flick, and you should win one too if you can keep a smile on your face during the entire thing. Between self-inflicted stabbings and terrifying swan/humans, this is no Kate Hudson rom-com.


9. Kids


This ‘90s film looks at the day in the life of a group of New York teens. They drink, smoke and, unknowingly, give each other HIV. It’s a story that needs to be told, just not when your date is trying to sneak a snuggle.


8. American History X


Edward Norton plays a Nazi skinhead in this movie which deals with race relations in Los Angeles. Lots of scenes – especially the finale – are tough to stomach and will keep you up all night. You want to go to bed dreaming about your crush’s sexy smile – not Norton making people bite curbs.


7. The Hurt Locker


Explosions are fun when they’re in the latest Transformers sequel – not when it involves soldiers getting blown to pieces.


6. A Clockwork Orange


True, it’s considered a classic but watching Alex and his band of hooligan friends rape and destroy innocent people’s lives is not exactly first date fare. Delicately suggest switching the movie to lighter stuff like Up, to up your chances of getting a kiss.


5. The Human Centipede


Horror movies are a great excuse to cuddle in closer to each other but this one – about a mad scientist who creates a “human centipede” out of his prisoners – gives us the chills and not the fun, butterflies-in-our-stomach kind.


4. The Exorcist


Watching projectile vomit, possessed girls and spinning heads will most likely send you straight to the bathroom yourself and not into each other’s arms.


3. Precious


Dramatic flicks can spark interesting and deep conversations with your crush, but this tale of a girl who is beaten by her mother and has children with her own father will leave the both of you feeling depressed instead of horny.


2. The Passion of the Christ


Thinking impure thoughts about your crush’s behind when they bend over to put the DVD in the player? The story of Jesus Christ’s journey to the cross will make you want to beg forgiveness for your sins and run to the nearest nunnery.


1. Juno


Nothing breaks the mood like watching knocked up teenagers try to figure out what to do with their unborn child. Turn this flick on and you and your crush will more than likely spend the rest of the night on separate ends of the couch.

What movie would make you squirm in front of your crush? Has a date ever been ruined because of the movie you chose to watch? Let us know!

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