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The Most Badass Bald TV Characters!

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Television is not want for badass bald characters. You have to think — if a man is confident enough to get rid of every last hair from his head, what ISN'T he confident enough to do? I'll be honest, just thinking about how badass some of these bald guys are is making me intimidated. But simply being badass doesn't mean they can't be great guys too! Here are some of the coolest bald guys around!


Uncle Phil, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Not only was Uncle Phil man enough to take in his wise-cracking nephew from West Philadelphia, he even endured said nephews weight-related taunts and maintained his lifestyle of absolutely never exercising and only eating ham sandwiches with the bread replaced by ham.


Squidward, SongeBob Squarepants


This guy doesn't take no CRAP from noBODY. Granted, the only person who ever gives him crap is a happy, pours man-child who only wants to be his friend, but still, no CRAP from anyone.


Captain Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation


To be honest, I was always more of a Star Wars guy, but I must to admit, no one holds more power than Picard at making you feel stupid by way of face palm.


That guy from like every awesome show ever, Like every awesome show ever


Agent Broyles, which I assume is this guy's birth name, has played badass bald characters on Lost, The Wire, AND Fringe. And those are the three most badass shows in history. This feat makes me feel incredibly inadequate since I was only on Lost, and even that was just because I sometimes Photoshop myself hanging out on the beach with Sayid.


Walt, Breaking Bad


Much like Squidward, Walter white doesn't take no CRAP from noBODY. Except that the people who give him crap are meth addicts and drug kingpins and young women that he lets die to prove a point. Basically what I'm saying is Breaking Bad is like a live action SpongeBob Squarepants.


Aang, Avatar: The Last Airbender


Okay, so that last Breaking Bad entry was a little dark. Let's get back on track with Aang, the last airbender and the only one with the power to stop the fire lord and unite the four nations. The most badass part about Aang is that even though he has a very serious task in front of him, he still makes time to have fun whelk he does it!


Vic Mackey, The Shield



Vic Mackey was a detective who shot another cop in the face because he learned his secrets.

JESUS that got depressing at the end. There are NOT as many fun, morally upright bald guys on TV as I thought. Who do you think is the most badass? Let us know in the comments. I guess. 🙁


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