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The 20 Most Half-Assed Jobs Ever Done

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What, you want me to write an intro to this article? But it’s almost lunchtime! Fiiiiiine. The good people over at /r/NotMyJob, the source of most of these images, are all about collecting pictures of jobs so half-assed you’ll swear that (JOKE HERE, WILL WRITE LATER). Check ‘em out!

It’s not my job to figure out where the ceiling fan goes.


They said put up a wall, they didn’t say move a sign.

not my job sign cut off

We’ll put up a reflector, people can drive around it.

not my job road post

I’m a contractor, not a lumberjack!

not my job bike lane

Yeah, I can give him a new haircut in Photoshop, but lunch is in five minutes.

not my job hair shop

It’s still technically lemon water.

not my job lemons

There’s no spell check on these signs, and if you think I’m gonna get a dictionary you can talk to my union rep.

not my job fallow

You said put the shirt on the mannequin, I put the shirt on the mannequin.

not my job shirt

I just paint the buildings. You want a weather forecast, watch the news.

not my job paint

The candy’s in the machine, what more do you want?

not my job candy

At least it’ll keep out video game characters.

not my job fence

You asked for a plumber, not a guy who moves clocks around.

not my job pipe

This is the line-painters’ union, not animal control.

not my job raccoon

We’re the bricklayers, not the line-painters’ union.

not my job line painter

You said “accessible entrance”. I don’t know what’s more accessible than stairs.

not my job handicap

We did him a favor, it looks cooler this way.

not my job bike paint

I followed the blueprints exactly. Their deaths are on your hands.

not my job railroad

People can walk around it.

not my job fire hydrant

What do you think I am, some kind of tree-mover?

not my job branch

We figured, no one told us to move it, maybe you want to watch it in both rooms.

not my job TV

Which job was the most half-assed? Let me know in the comments below!


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