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The Most Ingenious Geek Costumes Ever

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Nerd culture at geek fests & Holidays (such as Comic Con, Star Trek Conventions, Lebowskifest, and lest we forget Halloween is around the corner…) far expands beyond the once-standard and simple Trekkie uniform, or even the detail-for-detail costume of one of your favorite characters.


Like a good impressionist these days, it’s not just about how you can imitate your film and TV idols, but it’s become more of how you can insert your creativity into a whole new idea.

I’ve scoured the internet for the best in the most creative, unconventional, hilarious and inspiring nerd dress-ups and I’m happy to present them to you:


“Daddy’s Little Sith Lord”

Combining your daughter’s love for Pink and Princesses + Your Nerd Obsessions = Lifelong Badassery.


“Dance, Kermit, Dance!”

This image was taken at the 2009 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade, an event that combines inspiration from the magical world depicted in the David Bowie/Jim Henson film, “Labyrinth” with all other things mystical and fantastical. The physical bridging between these two worlds is like visual poetry.


“P for Pancetta”

Domesticated masculine figures/villains are always a crowd favorite at events like San Diego’s Comic Con. Though there was no true explanation behind this take on the main character from “V for Vendetta,” he at least allowed guests to sample his cooked treats, which of course cured all confusion.


“These Aren’t the Dogs You’re Looking For”

Imagine the confusion that Luke Skywalker had over realizing Darth Vader was his father and Lea was his sister; now imagine the confusion that this particular dog has after realizing that he plays all 3 roles. Baaa-wooof.


“Disney Princesses Gone Wild”

It seemed like a great idea. You were silently sipping your third Cran-Vodka when your girlfriends devised the plan of taking America’s purest examples of girlish youth and vamping them up into costumes that would rival the Sexy French Maids/Sexy Fill-in-the-blanks that roam the hallways of every Halloween store known to man. This is an example of a crafty nerd costume gone bad, besides I doubt these girls even know what a nerd is.


“Big Lebowski Puppet Theater”

Lebowskifest is something of a rarity in the festival world, in that it travels to various cities within the United States so that everyone gets a piece of the White Russian-flavored cake it has to offer. The Big Lebowski puppet theater would most likely depict the entire narrative of the film in under 3 minutes, and in the cutest way known to man.


“Chef Darth” AKA “The Way it Should Have Been!”

No one could have possibly visualized the universal distaste for Jar Jar Binks better than this crafty and clever Darth Vader as a Chef preparing Jar Jar as his signature dish-costume. I’m guessing he tastes just like chicken.

Which costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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