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The Most Painful Moments of Growing Up RANKED

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Hormones, school, growing up … it all combines to create a nesting ground for awkward, terrible moments. But, hey, at least all of us have to go through it, right? Every one of us has had some kind of cringe-worthy conversation with our parents, and we all have fallen over our changing body in public. NO ONE CAN ESCAPE UNSCATHED! Here are the worst moments of growing up, RANKED:

8. Pimples

pimple gif growing up

Should you pop them? Now they look worse! You were beautiful before and now you’re a monster!!!


7. Having someone walk in on you naked

walking in on naked

“DON’T YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK?!” You are not comfortable with your changing body AT ALL, so you feel very violated.


6. Shaving for the first time

shaving for first time

Just asking your parents if you can start shaving is awful in itself! “Hey … uh … people at school have started calling me ‘Wooly Mammoth’, so maybe I can start shaving?” And then it seems like you cut yourself at every corner. Stick that toilet paper on that nick!


5. Getting rejected by your crush for the first time

rejected first time

That stings, y’all! You haven’t built up a thick skin yet, so this first slap in the face really knocks ya down.


4. Having your parents tell you they are “disappointed” in you

not angry disappointed parent

So much worse than mad. SO MUCH WORSE.


3. First Kiss

first kiss awkward wes anderson

Mine involved some blood caused by braces (which are also apparently a weapon).


2. “The talk” from your parents

the talk from parents

I don’t know how yours went, but mine involved a workbook and eight cassette tapes called “Passport to Purity”. YEAH. No matter how crazy or sane your parents are, this moment is cringe city.


1. First Breakup

first breakup life over

The first cut is the deepest (thank you Sheryl Crow). You think you’ll never be okay again, and then in like three weeks you’re fine.


Which moment from growing up did you think was the most painful? Let us know in the comments below!