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Movie References You Never Got On The Simpsons

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Yellow people, silver screen. The Simpsons have always utilized film moments in the show. But, there are some obscure and clever references you maybe missed by being, you know, not born or just too young to get it. Many thanks to for their amazing gifs!

A Streetcar Named Marge S4E2, “The Birds”

birds film

birds simpsons

birds walking

birds walking simpsons

At the Ayn Rand School For Tots, Maggie the alpha baby overcomes her circumstances only to free her compatriots from their pacifier-less misery. Clearly she learned nothing from the school, but the writers certainly learned their Hitchcock.


Homie The Clown S5E16 ,“Close Encounters Of The Third Kind””

 clouse encounters potato

close encounters simpsons

Clowning fever. The scourge of art school parents and Marge Simpson’s alike.


Sideshow Bob Roberts S6E5, “All The President’s Men”

deep throat film

deep throat simpsons

Smithers plays deep throat…no comment.


Lady Bouvier’s Lover S5E21, “The Gold Rush”

gold rush chaplin

gold rush grandpa

Grandpa Simpson tries to charm his way into Marge’s mom’s girdle by using the ol’ Chaplin maneuver. If you’re wondering this also works on Smosh Pit writers.



Last Exit To Springfield S4E17, “Batman”

joker reveal film


There are a lot of references to Pulp Fiction in Last Exit but did you notice the caped crusader getting a shout out?


Homer The Vigilante S5E11, “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World”

mad faces film

mad faces simpsons

mad car film

mad car simpsons

mad float film

mad float simpsons

mad palm film

mad palm simpsons

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World is obscure obscure ob – oh you get it. But even if you’ve never heard of the mad cap film, The Simpsons were definitely thorough with their spoof.



Brother From The Same Planet S4E14, “Public Enemy”

public enemy grapefruit

public enemy grapefruit simpsons

The title is also a film homage (Brother From Another Planet) but the reference worth a google comes from James Cagney’s black and white hit “Public Enemy”. Yeeeeah boy (couldn’t resist)!



Mr. Plow S4E9, “Sorcerer”

truck bridge sorcerer

truck bridge simpsons

truck tires sorcerer

truck tires simpsons

Mr. Plow is one of the most classic Simpson’s episodes but did you know all the truck footage was taken from Roy Scheider film, “Sorcerer”? Obviously since Scheider is just a notch under Ian and Anthony in your heart boners you probably did. But you never know.



Yokel Chords S18E14, “Un Chien Andalou”

un chien film

un chien simpsons

Less a reference and more a direct recreation, Luis Bunuel’s highly influential “Un Chien Andalou” got The Simpson’s treatment not too long ago.



Cape Feare S5E2, “Cape Fear”

cape fear lighter

cape fear lighter simpsons

cape fear movie

cape fear movie simpsons

cape fear prison

cape fear prison simpsons

cape fear smoke

cape fear smoke simpsons

cape fear tattoo

cape fear tattoo simpsons

Even if you didn’t know the title of the episode, Cape Feare is an amazing shot for shot recreation of the thriller that subs in Sideshow Bob for Bobby DeNiro.


Which spoof did you recognize? Any surprises? Let me know in the comments!

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