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10 Movies Turning 10 in 2018

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Time flies when the apocalypse is nigh, amiright?! Whether you grew up in the ’00s or you weren’t even in school when these movies came out, chances are good that realizing they’re all turning 10 next year is going to scare the living mortality out of you…

Kung Fu Panda

Nostalgia Factor: Aren’t they still making these? Damn.

Pineapple Express

Nostalgia Factor: Who knew that this same James Franco would be getting Oscar buzz for a movie about The Room in which he plays Tommy Wisseau, just 10 years after the release of this stoner comedy?! Probably James Franco.

Iron Man

Nostalgia Factor: The one that started it all.


Nostalgia Factor: 10 years later, and 10 years closer to fulfilling the WALL-E prophecy of the end of the Earth/human-kind’s fat, space-exiled demise!


Nostalgia Factor: Sylvester Stallone with brown hair.

The Happening

Nostalgia Factor: M. Night Shyamalan is cool again thanks to Split, but boy oh boy did we think this movie was a career END GAME.

Tropic Thunder

Nostalgia Factor: These opening credits hold up like nothing has ever held up before.

Step Brothers

Nostalgia Factor: Catalina Island LITERALLY created a “Catalina Wine Mixer” IRL after this movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Nostalgia Factor: The curious case of WHEN BRANGELINA WAS ALIVE AND WELL.

The Wrestler

Nostalgia Factor: Mickey Rourke made his EPIC career comeback with this Oscar-winning film, only to fade into obscurity again, like, five minutes later?

Role Models

Nostalgia Factor: Paul Rudd literally can’t age, and looks exactly the same today as he did in this movie. Meanwhile, who is Sean William Scott and should someone go look for him?

The Incredible Hulk

Nostalgia Factor: WOW. Before there were half a dozen Avengers movies, there was this terrible, terrible version of The Hulk starring Edward Norton. What the hell happened to Edward Norton?!

Which movie has you all nostalgic and wanting to go back and watch it again (or for the first time)? Let us know @Smosh!