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This Kid Made a Video Next to His Dying Grandpa’s Hospital Bed

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If you didn’t know who Jonas Bridges was before, you’re sure as hell about to know him now, because this f*cking kid just made a video in front of his dying grandfather’s hospital bed.

Jonas Bridges is a social media celeb who says on his website his goal is “to reach and lift up as many people as possible and let them know how important they are and that God made them beautiful both inside and out.” Recently, he posted a photo on Instagram to his over 468,000 followers looking pensive to tell them his grandfather is dying.

We’ll skip shaming Jonas for using this tragic time to get Instagram likes on a picture of himself (seriously, not even a picture WITH your grandpa, kid? SMH). But that’s not because we’re letting him off the hook — it’s because we need to save all our shaming for the following Musically he made IN FRONT OF HIS DYING GRANDFATHER’S DEATH BED.

His grandpa is like….dying….and he's making a musically

— ♕chy (@troyeskordei) September 21, 2016

I don’t know if I should be crying, laughing (out of discomfort), or calling that hospital to get Jonas removed from the room. You can see that his grandmother is in the background tending to her DYING HUSBAND, while her grandson lip syncs to a f*cking Justin Bieber song. It could almost be argued that Jonas chose the song because of the whole “Don’t you give up, nah nah nah” line, which would almost be justified. But you have to remember that this kid is a social media star who just wants likes from anonymous strangers online, and is completely down to capitalize on his grandfather’s death to get them. People online are don’t know exactly how to react since it’s so insensitive it’s almost comedy:

I mean, you can’t even argue that Jonas did this to cheer his grandpa up, because the grandpa has no idea what’s going on. The only conclusion here is that Jonas is a little sh*t who needs to grow the f*ck up and learn the value of meaningful relationships before he grows up to become a really big sh*t. This is just gross. And honestly. I just can’t give the benefit of the doubt to a kid who will probably make an un-ironic Musically to Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” in front of the coffin at the funeral next week.

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