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6 Musicians You Probably Didn’t Realize Still Release Music

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The music industry is extremely volatile — a singer or band could be the biggest thing on the planet one year and a has-been the next. There are some bands we think will be around forever who disappear overnight, while other bands fly under the radar for decades. But while it’s easy to think that once a band is no longer on the radio, they just end, they usually don’t. Here are six musicians you probably didn’t realize were still releasing music!

The Smashing Pumpkins

musicians pumpkins

Back in the ’90s, The Smashing Pumpkins were popular for both their music and for having the best band name ever. Combining grunge with goth and electronic, the Pumpkins released the catchiest song about rats being stuck in cages in decades. But when the ’90s ended, everyone stopped caring about the ol’ Smashing Pumpkins. The band broke up, but frontman Billy Corgan has been releasing music under the band’s name since 2007. It’s not really the same thing, but sometimes he brings back the old drummer to play with the new band. Two out of four Pumpkins isn’t bad.

Sum 41

musicians sum

During the early 2000s, Sum 41 broke onto the scene with “Fat Lip”, a song famous for adding rapping to pop punk, which we all thought was the coolest thing ever because we were in a weird place as a nation. Although they’ve failed to find the same level of success they had back then, most of the original Sum 41 members have reunited and are prepping a new release (which is fine so long as nobody raps).

Marilyn Manson

musicians manson

Back in the ’90s and early 2000s, if you were in high school and hated adults telling you what to do, you were probably a Marilyn Manson fan. Combining goth and metal music (along with a whole lot of anger), Manson was able to connect with a lot of teenagers. Unfortunately, those teens eventually grew up, and the whole “don’t hate me because I wear all black clothes every day” attitude started to fade. But Marilyn Manson is still sticking it to the man to this very day, dressing like a vampire zombie and releasing albums with names like Born Villain and The Pale Emperor. Even though his fan base has grown up, it’s nice to know that Marilyn Manson is still putting out albums we can buy to freak out our parents.

Foster the People

musicians foster

Some bands are just meant to be one hit wonders. For Foster the People, it was pretty evident pretty early on that this was their reality. Their single “Pumped Up Kicks” carried their first album, but by the time their follow-up was released, the mainstream was pretty much done with them. Ultimately, the problem with Foster the People was that they kept switching genres, trying to go in more of a rock direction, and they’ve recently said that they want to go more hip hop on their next record. And so, not only are Foster the People still around, they’re switching genres every chance they get.

Limp Bizkit

musicians bizkit

Sure, every generation has their embarrassing moments. Disco was pretty upsetting, glam rock was silly, and the boy bands were never as cool as they were meant to be. But even so, we, as a society, have to acknowledge with a special sort of shame that Limp Bizkit was once one of the biggest bands on the planet. The ultimate rap rock band, Limp Bizkit were angry and made a surprising amount of references to chainsaws being their weapon of choice. Thankfully, we outgrew them pretty quickly, but Limp Bizkit is still releasing music. God bless ’em.

Jessica Simpson

musicians simpson

Sometimes, the music industry just isn’t fair. Jessica Simpson set herself apart from the rest of the teeny-bopper acts of the early 2000s with her amazing voice. Unfortunately, she was also the star of a reality show about her marriage to Nick Lachey, and was portrayed as an idiot. Obviously, it was all played up for the cameras, but all of a sudden Simpson was better known for her reality TV persona than her singing abilities. Whatever agent or manager thought it was a good idea to purposely make her look like stupid was hopefully fired. Either way, Jessica Simpson still releases music, but she has learned to stop putting her relationships on TV.


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