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My Christmas Wish List Has Not Changed Since I Was A Kid

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A friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and the odd thing is that my wish list hasn't really changed very much over the years.

I cant decide if that means that I am a playfull free spirit or just childish. I am ok with either one. Here's my wish list!


A Puppy

Who doesn't want to puppy? They are so cute, they just run around all day and do puppy things.


Video Games

Although I’m not asking for Atari 64 games any longer, I do still like to get my game on.


Big Wheel

Granted, my old big wheel is much too small for me, and I know of no one that makes an adult size big wheel… but I still am holding out hope.



If you ask a man if he would like a robot that answer will always be yes. It does not matter how old or young he is, we all dream of the day when robots are commonplace.



I like socks, so what, you want to fight about it?



I don’t care what it is is as long as it takes batteries, plugs into something or has a USB port. I also enjoy the gizmos with blue flashing LED lights that do nothing.


Remote Controlled Anything

I don’t care what it is, it could be a toaster as long as its remote-controlled. I received a remote-control submarine last year. When else in life does one get to carry out undersea Naval warfare without joining the Navy.


Gift Cards

I love me some gift cards. I rely on the relatives that live across the country, know nothing about me or my likes and try to make up for the fact that they never try to keep in touch by sending me $100 to Outback Steakhouse. God bless third cousin twice removed Jimmy.


Matchbox Cars

I’ve always loved matchbox cars, especially the ones with the doors that actually fold out. I have hundreds of them in have been known to re-gift them to my nephews on occasion.


Hand Knit Sweaters

For as long as I can recall one of my aunts knits me a sweater every year for Christmas. These sweaters usually have a pop-culture reference theme, but pop-culture from 10 years ago. For example, last year she made me a sweater that said Durand Durand on it. I can never tell if she is being subtly sarcastic or has mild onset dementia.

Either way I love her dearly and will cherish the “Vote for Pedro” mock turtleneck that I will be sporting into the new year.

What do you want for Christmas?


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