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Navy Mom Tweets #HimToo Because Her Son Is Afraid to Go on Solo Dates (Except He Isn’t), Starting a New Meme

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Parents say the darnedest things! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s over social media, which is very public and hard to retract. And you have to imagine that goes double when your parents’ darnedest thing gets turned into a meme that will outlive the memory of the OG tweet forever and ever and ever. That’s what happened when one mother tweeted a photo of her fully grown adult son smiling in a naval uniform, claiming he’s too scared to go on solo dates because of the current climate. This mom even went so far as to co-opt #MeToo with a hashtag of her own: #HimToo.

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Whoops! Someone violated the first rule of parenting — if you’re going to use your child’s image in a public problematic proclamation, ask first. Her son responded to his mother’s tweet, because #notallsons:

And while his mother has since deleted the tweet, the damage has already been done. Talking about your son and the fact that you VOTE is now, you guessed it, a meme. #memestoo

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