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Netflix is making a Legend of Zelda live-action TV show

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Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise is coming soon not just to the Wii U, but also your TV/laptop/Roku box/probably toaster. According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is working with Nintendo to make a live-action Legend of Zelda TV show.

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My ideal cast: Zac Efron as Link, Tom Hardy as Darknut, Oscar Isaac as shield.

The project doesn’t have a writer yet, so it’s still a ways off, but if you’re hankering for a taste as to what the it will feel like, the WSJ’s source described the show as “Game of Thrones for a family audience”. Of course, with sudden, grizzly deaths being the calling card of the HBO hit, the Legend of Zelda mythology is well-equipped to make Game of Thrones family friendly:

netflix zelda ned

While there are plenty of reasons to be worried about a live-action Zelda show (not the least of which being that video game adaptations are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to pull off) there’s one big reason to be optimistic. As Birdman and last night’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have shown, the one thing you need to start a cultural conversation is something every Zelda game has in spades: long tracking shots.

netflix zelda tracking
Wow, not a single cut since we got to Hyrule field.

But I do wonder if a TV show can make me feel the way a Zelda game does. It’ll be hard enough to capture the series’ beauty — how do you film the mystery the Lost Woods, or the majesty of Epona, called to our hero through song? And that’s only the positive parts of the game. It’s everything that makes up the Zelda experience. The folks down there at Netflix are gonna have to figure out how to make an entire episode devoted to Link trying to get that ONE GODDAMN PIECE OF HEART from behind that GODDAMN WATERFALL or I swear to Christ I will be OUT.


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