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New Browser Extension Lets You Herp Derp YouTube Comments Away!

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I'm pretty sure if you're reading this now you're a HUGE fan of 'the YouTube' as my grandpa likes to call it. I can also say with fair certainty you are probably not so much a fan of the racist, sexist, homophobic, rude and crude comments. Haters gonna hate and that  sentiment is never truer than in a YouTube video comment thread, where people love to be FIRST! with their judgmental asshat-ery. Not to mention the fact that it often appears to be written with the grammar and syntax of a four year old not speaking his native language.  Mmmmhmmm. I'm getting annoyed just thinking about reading them.


But your days of getting sucked down the rat-hole of reading YouTube comments may be over, my friends! Tanner Stokes has come up with a brilliant solution to this ongoing internet travesty! He has invented a browser extension that will replace all comments with a translation they most likely deserve…HERPS and DERPS!   Here's a handy-dandy look at what the extension does using a Justin Bieber video as an example, although I'm SURE there would NEVER be anything offensive in a Biebs video comment thread. Oops I said never.



Now here's the same comment thread after it's been herp-derpized:


Ahhh! Herp derp. It's almost like a meditation chant.  So much better than seeing fake, gay, first, 'thumbs up if…' or old ass 'arrow in the knee' jokes. It makes YouTube almost peaceful! Of course if you do feel the need to click on a particular comment, there is an 'un-herpderp' button. As seen below:


Now YouTube is supposedly also working on a comment screening program, but that won't be available for a few more months. Personally I like reading the YouTube comments, right until that moment I get so enraged I trigger a massive migraine headache. But I can see the appeal of herp-derping them away. Maybe for my own sanity I should do it. Maybe I'll just unherpderp the top comments? Because I certainly don't wanna miss comments like this:


You can download the extension HERE.

What say you? Would you ever use this? Do you like reading the comments? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comment below!

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