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NEW Harry Potter Amusement Park???

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Huge news for people who wish their lives were more magical: Warner Bros. has agreed to license its' theme park attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to Universal Studios in Southern California. While this won't be the first time a Harry Potter theme park has opened, as the attraction has been in Florida since 2009, this will mark the first time it's appeared in a state that is bearable.

Hopefully this makes up for the fact that I had to take my family to FLORIDA.

The park includes a ride called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which is a roller coaster where you get lead through Hogwarts by Harry and Hermione and fight dragons and Dementors and is obviously tight, as well as re-creations of Hogwarts and Zonko's joke shop and Hogsmeade. It's pretty great that the place I've wanted to exist since I was 12 is coming to my state now. If only the other wishes I made when I was 12 would come true.

Cool, a Nintendo 64 AND a dad to love me!

Despite already existing in a Universal park, Warner Bros. also held talks with Disney to see if The Wizarding World would've worked in Disneyland. Hmm. Disneyland. You know, as much as I love both Disney and harry Potter, I'm not sure how I would have felt about them getting together. They're both pretty powerful on their own. It'd be like if Barack Obama teamed up with Zangief.

I am so excited to vote in 2012. (source)

Universal is going to have to close down some existing rides to make space for Harry Potter. Maybe Universal could close down one of their forty five "this is how movies are made whoa car in the air and explosions" tours. Those tours are stupid and do not involve magic of any kind.

"Coming up on our left, the set from Tom Cruise's least interesting movie." (source)

The park is still a long way off, though. We won't see it until 2015 at the earliest? So what are we to do until then? I for one am going to continue my bi-monthly re-read of the Harry Potter books. Right now, I'm on Chamber of Secrets #1,534 and it is just as interesting as it was the first time! Which is to say, not very interesting. Chamber of Secrets kind of sucks.

What do you think your life will be like in 2015 when the Harry Potter park opens in Los Angeles? Will you be married? Independently wealthy? Just as excited to ride Harry Potter rides as you are right now? Write a letter to your future self in the comments and check back in 2015 to see how close you were!


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