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New Hobbit Trailer Launches!

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This December, director Peter Jackson returns to the Lord of the Rings universe with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Here's the new trailer, launched just today! Like, just a minute ago!

Here are some of the most exciting moments:

Bilbo announces to Unnamed Hobbit 1 that he's going on an adventure!

bilbo on adventure
Nice backpack Bilbo. Where's your adventure, second grade?


Gandalf reveals to Cate Blanchett that he's invited Bilbo along because Gandalf himself is afraid, and Biblo gives him courage:

gandalf liv tyler
What is Gandalf afraid of? Probably that there isn't enough content in The Hobbit book for three movies.


This is a wizard riding a sled pulled by giant rabbits.

wizard sled rabbit
Allow me to reiterate: A WIZARD. Riding a SLED. Pulled by GIANT RABBITS.


Oh hey, that Gollum guy is back.

gollum guy
Great, now I'll have to sit through another decade of losers calling their donut or new video game their "precioussss".


We hear Gandalf tell Bilbo his home is now behind him.

home is behind bilbo
And then we have an image to confirm that, yes, his home is in fact behind him.


Here we see Gandalf looking over a group of battle-weary Dwarves.

dwarves battle-weary
One of them goes "That could have been worse!"



giant falls on dwarves
There were no survivors.

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