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Here’s What’s New in ‘Soul Calibur 6’ (But You’ll Ignore It ‘Cause You Play Cheap, Chad)

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What if a fighting game… had weapons? Thus, the Soul Calibur franchise was born, spanning console generations with an accessible-yet-deep set of fighting mechanics, and a so-silly-it’s-dope JRPG aesthetic. The sixth game will be out on October 19th, and it’s apparently an impressive revamp and improvement about what we already know and love. If you’re planning on copping Soul Calibur 6, here’s everything new you can expect. And if you are my childhood friend Chad, screw you, you play cheap, everyone knows it, cheap isn’t fair, screw you, you stink, screw you, don’t play cheap. Okay, here we go!

Which facet of Soul Calibur 6 are you the most excited about? Who are your go-to characters? And who do I talk to about possibly replacing my disc, since obviously the game is cheating, since obviously it can’t be that Chad is just better than me? Hit us up on the eternal flame… of TWITTER!