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New Study Suggests Basically All Moms Have Facebook!

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If you’re like me, you spent Mother’s Day finally watching the season finale of Fringe and pretending you couldn’t hear your phone.

watching fringe mom calling
Oh my God, Walter just shot Olivia!

But I can not post about that rad Fringe finale on Facebook — that would let my mom know I was home watching TV all day, ignoring her calls. This is the horrific world we live in, where moms can see what you’re up to on the internet at all times. And almost everyone is now suffering from this problem, as a recent study has shown that over seventy percent of US moms who use the internet log in to Facebook.

mom on computer
“All my mom friends are on here talking about knitting and birthing and whatnot!”

Moms are seeping into every corner of the internet, with the same study finding 24 percent of internet-moms blogging with Blogger, 14 percent tweeting with Twitter, and and 8.3 percent reblogging Doctor Who .gifs with Tumblr. The only place you’re safe from moms is Google Plus, which is so unpopular it wasn’t even included in the study.

uncharted desert scene
Pictured: Google+.

The problem with Facebook, as I see it, are the social ramifications to denying a friend request. We want to curate the people who see our information, but Facebook has become so ubiquitous that we feel the need to accept everyone. This goes double for Moms. “I carry you in my stomach for nine months and you can’t accept me on Facebook?” moms probably shout.

And it’s like, ugh, you know? Is anyone else just over that “I carried you in my stomach for nine months” argument? I mean, pregnancy can’t be that hard.

mom giving birth
People hold doors open for you for nine months? Count me in!

Is your mom on Facebook? Let me know why or why not on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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