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New Year’s Eve At A Pokemon New Year’s Party

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Pokemon, as we all know, know how to party. And there's no better time to party than New Year's Eve. So when New Year's Eve comes around the Pokemon all gather together at Mewtwo's apartment for one wild ass night start off the new year. Very few people are privvy to a Pokemon Party, mostly just Ash, and a handful of celebrities. But what goes on at this giant, exclusive gatherings?


Psyduck Tells Fortunes

Psyduck is much beloved at all Pokemon gathers because he's such a good fortune teller. He can also contact the dead, and give a woman an orgasm with his mind.


Pikachu's "Real Feelings" Come Out When He Has Too Much To Drink

Yeah, yeah Pikachu, we've heard it from you a thousand times, "Those born with yellow skin and tiny adorable noses are the one true master race," just keep it to yourself will ya, we're trying to have a good time tonight.


Squirte Gets Turned Down For A New Years Kiss By Rapidash

Squirtle's had a crush on Rapidash forever, but frankly she's out of his league. There is also the problem that if they kiss they might accidentally kill each other.


Meowth Stumbles Into The Coat Closet And Falls Asleep In His Own Piss


Meowth has no friends. Alienated from the Pokemon community for his repeated misdeeds, he eventually ends up alone in the coat closet, crying into the pile of coats, and drinking until he pisses himself, then falling asleep in his own tears and urine. 


Jigglypuff Shows Off His Recent PhD In Quantum Molecular Theory


Far more wordly and eloquent than anyone would have guessed, Jigglypuff has secretly been pursuing a degree in Quantum Molecular Theory. We were all pissed before when all he would say was "Jigglypuff!" and now he won't shut up about "black holes" this and "time distorting galaxies" that.


Snorlax Misses The Party


Typical f*cking Snorlax.


Grumpig Enslaves The Dance Floor


It's the same thing every year, everyone's having a great time on the dance floor until Grumpig hits the scene and enslaves everyone with his mind control dancing. Great, it's not even 11 o'clock yet and the party's already over because Grumpig is leading everyone out in the streets to do his bidding.


What other things happen at the Pokemon New Years Eve Party? Let us know in the comments!


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