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Next Xbox Has ‘6 Times The Power’ Of Current Consoles???

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The internets are going BONKERS right now over the rumors that Microsoft will be releasing the latest and greatest Xbox  fall 2013. Now I REALLY don't want the world to end this year.  Unofficial word is that the Xbox 720 has "6 times" more power than the 360. The good news is you'll finally be leaving your house, so don't forget to stock up on supplies when you hit Best Buy to get your new Xbox. The bad news is you will be purchasing an Xbox that will have 6 times more power over you. Like I said, buy A LOT of supplies.


Now the Xbox rumor mill has been churning them out in the past few months, fueled in part by word that Microsoft was granted a patent for an 'integrated gaming and media experience'  that included the ability to record content.  It is also rumored that the 720 will be based on Advanced Micro Devices' 6000 series graphics processor, with support for DirectX11, 1080p HD, multi-display output, and 3D. I don't even know what that means but it sounds RAD and I want it NOW.


Not only will this rumored new Xbox be superior to the old Xbox, it would also be 20% more powerful than Nintendo's upcoming Wii U.  You got pwned, Wii! I mean it's rumored you got pwned.


For now though, all of these numbers and power stats and pwnings are just rumors and they are no more valid than any other internet rumors, like Chris Brown and Rihanna hooking up again or Lady Gaga having a wang. Perhaps the most intriguing rumor though is that  the new consoles will work like charm, always have perfect connections and never, ever put  gamers through the trauma of experiencing the red ring of death. Okay that's not a rumor, that's a straight up lie. Sorry.


What do you think of the rumors? True or false? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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