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The Nicest X-Box Live Comments I’ve Ever Received!

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X-Box Live is a scary place, full of hatred, misogyny, and racism. But I believe nce people can upgrade to Gold too In fact, up until her death Mother Teresa would play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory with the poorest children of the villages she miracled at. This could very well be true! In any event, I tried to collect the nicest things people have said to me on X-Box Live and… well… I did my best.

This one was legitimately heartfelt. Unfortunately this user sent me another message forty seconds later reading "accidentally clicked send before i finished. meant to say 'hope to see u around you idiot sh*t f*cking waste of space go to hell i hope your mom dies of cancer'". But that first message, that he sent as his own message so it counts, is one I'll always hold in my heart.


I want to believe this comment isn't sarcastic, but I can't be certain. What I am certain of is that it was a bad idea to play Gears of War with my community college English professor.


At the time I hadn't yet read the Hunger Games but because of this message I'm now almost done with the second book and really enjoying it!


See, this should read hurtful, but I'm honestly just glad my mom's finally found happiness. Even if it is with a man called GnarlBall67.

Especially with a man called GnarlBall67.


"Hey man you did great at Xbox!"

This would have been a nice text message to receive, but sadly, it was a voice message. That means I was able to hear the crying and rhythmic chanting in the background while the words themselves were said in a language no human ears have ever before heard. And now since then I can't look in the mirror without my reflection, anger in its' eyes and without lips, clawing at the glass barrier between us, trying to get out. Come on Xbox Live, 59.99 a year for this? Sure, PlayStation 3 gamers are always getting eternally cursed but at least on PSN it's for free.


I like to think this Xbox Live peer wants me to cultivate friendships with people who don't only call when they need help moving or getting to the airport or hiding all the bodies after their bachelor party went horribly, horribly wrong.


This message was so nice because it gave me ample time to pack up everything I own and leave this town, never to return. Thanks for the heads up, Xbox Live user charlesTHEbiter!


What have these quote unquote "people" said to you on Xbox Live? Let us know in the comments below!


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