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Nick Jonas Does Rebecca Black

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Rebecca Black's "Friday" mysteriously continues to gain popularity. She's scheduled to appear on Leno this week, and last night Conan O'Brien did a version of the song on his late night show. Most people agree that the song is awful… but what if it could be used as a force of good? Like, raising money for a worthy cause? Nick Jonas covered the song this weekend charity fundraiser Concert Of Hope.

The JoBros weren't the only ones rocking out some Disney style pop. Newcomers Allstar Weekend performed their humorous hit, "Not Your Birthday."

I hate the way these guys look, but have to admit that I kind of like the song. I just can't stand a dude who wears more hair product than I do.

The hot new all-girl faux rock group Cherri Bomb who recently finalized their deal with Hollywood Records, also took the stage.

These girls wouldn't know a real rock song if it jumped out of their Radio Shack amps and smacked them in the face.

But more people were there to see their favorites like Selena Gomez who has clearly recovered from her fat lip incident. She showed up to the event wearing the matching dog tags that she and Justin Bieber have been flashing around town.

Selena debuted "Who Says," a song that holds a special message for Justin Bieber fans who enjoy hating on her in the social media. In the song Selena sings, "I wouldn't wanna be anybody else. You made me insecure. Told me I wasn’t good enough. But who are you to judge?" I personally do not give a crap what Justin Bieber's fans think of me, but Gomez has admitted that it really hurts her feelings when they hate on her, so everyone was really happy to see her perform this one live.

And of course, that brings us to "Friday."

During the Jonas Brothers performance, Nick sat at a white grand piano like he always does…

And covered Rebecca Black's viral mega-hit "Friday."

The youngest Jonas proved that he has a good sense of humor to fans that were oblivious to the irony, and instead sang along… God bless them.

Awesome sauce!

I'm no Jonas fan but I like Nick Jonas way more after seeing this video.

Rebecca Black continues to hijack our psyche weather we want her to or not. What do you think of Rebecca Black? I'm also curious to see what you guys think of Allstar Weekend and Cherri bomb! Let's chat in the comments!

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