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Nightmares Really Boring People Have

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Most people have scary nightmares. Nightmares with crazy monsters and in strange unfamiliar places. Horrifying surreal confusing swirls of pain, rage, anger- a chaotic view into our darker hearts. Nightmares tend to show us something about ourselves. And boring people are no different. Their nightmares, just like ours, are a reflection of the dark side of who they are. Which is boring. Here are the most common dreams boring people tend to have.


Riding A Roller Coaster That's Only OK


Boring people are too uninteresting to have a nightmare about a crazy demon rollercoaster, so their roller coaster nightmares are about having to ride a pretty average roller coaster once or twice, then getting off and going about their day.


Petting A Dog That Seems A Tad Disinterested


Another common nightmare boring people have is walking up to pet a dog, and the dog lets them pet it, and it's into it, but like, not totally into it, you know?




Boring people often have nightmares about custard, one of the most boring desserts there is. In the nightmare the custard doesn't really do anything, and usually it's not too much custard, a kind of average amount of custard.


Jurassic Park, But Without The Dinosaurs


People who are boring generally have nightmares about Jurassic Park, if Jurassic Park didn't have any dinosaurs and it was just an archaeologist, a mathematician, some woman, and two kids hanging out at a nice place for a few days.


Wearing Pants To School


Regular people often have nightmares where they accidentally forget to wear pants to school, boring people are so boring that in their nightmares they don't forget to wear the pants. They just have a normal day at school.


Freddy Krueger, But He's Just Using His Claws To Cut Linen To Make Sheets


In most ordinary teenage dreams Freddy Krueger uses your own fears against you to kill you in your sleep, in boring people dreams he works in a garment factory and does an okay job cutting linens to ready them to be made into sheets for a not bad salary.


Hanging Out With Average Looking Girls As "Just Friends"


Wet dreams can be really embarrassing for a teenager, but at least their fun to have. Not boring people wet dreams, in their wet dreams they ask an OK looking girl out, she says no, they end up being friends, and she often calls him to talk about boy trouble.


What are other dreams boring people have? Let us know in the comments!

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