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Nintendo Has Boned Us Again, This Time With SNES Classic Preorders

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They say the definition of insanity is not googling your every thought, but instead the act of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. And yesterday, Nintendo proved that they are, indeed, insane.

Well, okay. They further proved they are, indeed, insane.

snes classic preorders insane nintendo
I checked out when the orb-man decided to kick the robot boy.

Last year, Nintendo put out the NES Classic, a beautiful little box with 30 different NES games pre-installed. And when I say “put out”, I mean they made like five of them and sold them all to one guy in Poughkeepsie who turned them around on eBay for a big fat profit. We thought it was a mistake; that Nintendo didn’t realize how many people would want an NES Classic and overlooked the fact that they’d need to make more. But no, it turns out that Nintendo is just trying to make us mad, as this year, they’re pulling the same low stock, hard-to-find, impossible-to-preorder sh*t with the SNES Classic.

snes classic snes classic
There’s a non-zero chance the white dude holding the SNES Classic in these ads is the only person who will ever get one.

Nintendo released preorders for the SNES Classic overnight on Monday, right around 1 AM Eastern time. That meant only the insomniacs were able to secure one, leaving the rest of us traditional sleep-getters to rush to physical retail stores to find one. Can you believe it? We had to go to LITERAL LOCATIONS to BUY A THING like it was 199-goddamn-7.

And I’ve got a personal stake in this. After trying all the online retailers to get myself an SNES Classic, I ran into a Best Buy, Toys R Us, and finally GameStop looking to put some money down. Of course they were sold out already, but to make it even worse, the guy at GameStop knew what I wanted before I could even ask. Something about my PHYSICAL APPEARANCE read desperation and anxiety.

snes classic preorder sweat
What could it be?

Are you mad at Nintendo for not making enough SNES Classics to go around for the second year in a row? And to what lengths are you willing to go to to get one for yourself when it comes out next month? Let me know on Twitter @mikeymccollor!