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Nyan Cat Rebecca Black Mash-Up!?

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So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Nyan Cat Rebecca Black Mash-Up?  Perhaps it's this:


Or perhaps you fantasize about a meme battle royale, where Nyan Cat Takes down Becky B UFC-style, earning a spot in the finale where he will face Antonie Dodson for the crown. I'm not the only one with meme fantasies , right?


But more than likely you think of something so horrible, so ear-bleedingly torturous, that it will literally make you question the existence of mankind. Something like this…you heard me about the ear-bleedingly torturous part, right?   So, consider yourself warned.


Enter classically-trained Australian musician Lara, know as Lara6683 on her must-see YouTube channel. Lara is making a name for herself by applying her training to the sounds of pop culture, including the Pokemon theme and an AMAZING Super Mario Tetris medley, sometimes even wearing costumes as she plays.  Here's a pic of her playing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. Talented and cute…nice!


Now Lara has created an internet lover's dream… a mash-up of Rebecca Black's Friday and My Moment with the Nyan Cat Theme. And you know what?  It's actually kind of pretty. Check  out the amazing video here:


So what do you think? How cool is Lara? What theme would you like to see her take on? Let's discuss in the comments!


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