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NYC’s 2011 Idiotarod

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Inspired by the Iditarod comes the Idiotarod. Instead of dogs, they use people, and instead of a sled, they use a shopping cart. Each contestant or team is required to dress up in some kind of crazy theme costumes and then push (no motors allowed) shopping carts over the snowy, rough terrain of New York City in the middle of January in a long distance test of endurance and insanity. They don't broadcast it much on the Internet because I'm pretty sure it's technically illegal, but the event is in its 8th year so they're doing something right.

I know that you couldn't make it to the big event, but luckily Smosh-Pit photographer Eric Harvey Brown could, and he sent us these amazing pics!








These people are clearly showing signs of Snow Madness. What did you do this weekend?


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