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24 Old Celebrity Tweets Worth Retweeting

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Celebrities on Twitter delete their embarrassing tweets all the time, but thankfully, there are tons of old tweets that they’ve ignored. Some of these tweets are notable because they’re so clearly from a different time, while others are just cringe-worthy mistakes. Hey, there’s even a few legitimately funny jokes in there too! Here are a bunch of vintage tweets still worth retweeting.

Kourtney Kardashian


Justin Bieber 


Niall Horan



Kylie Jenner 


Joe Jonas 


Katy Perry

What does this mean, Katy?

Billy Ray Cyrus 


Justin Bieber


Michael Clifford

You should know better than this, Michael.

Lil Jon


Kim Kardashian 


Shia LaBeouf 


Kanye West


Justin Bieber





There’s actually a story behind that one…



Lindsay Lohan


Justin Bieber 


Demi Lovato 



Taylor Swift


Oprah Winfrey 


Donald Trump


Justin Bieber


50 Cent

perfect loop gif bike

Which classic tweet was was your favorite? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!


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