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Olympic Athletes Doing Unhealthy Things

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Just ‘cause someone’s an athlete doesn’t mean they’re Adonis. Getting wasted, cavorting with loose women, eating fast food – the stars of track and field are, in many ways, just like us (although it’s safe to say the vast majority of us would never contemplate having sex with Kim Kardashian’s mom…which is something we totally have over gold medalist Bruce Jenner). The athletes on this list live on the edge – if you feel like making idols of ‘em, you might wanna second-guess your decision.


Michael Phelps’ Bong Rip Heard ‘Round the World

american swimmer michael phelps smoking pot



Turkish Weightlifter Mete Binay Eating a Butt-Ton of Food

turkish weightlifter mete binay eating tons



Chinese Gymnast Huang Qiushuang Losing Her Head

chinese gymnast huang qiushuang headless



American Runner Marion Jones Jogging Through Flavor Country

american runner marion jones smoking



Chinese Gymnasts Eating Mickey D’s

chinese gymnasts eating mcdonald’s



British Cyclist Bradley Wiggins Drunk as a Skunk

british cyclist bradley wiggins drunk



American Soccer Player Abby Wambach Getting Punched in the Face

american soccer player abby wambach punched



Michael Phelps Quelling the Munchies at McDonald’s

american swimmer michael phelps eating mcdonald’s



Soccer Players…Smokin’!

olympic soccer players smoking



Kazakhstan Weightlifter Ilya Ilyin Kissing a (No Doubt Filthy) Weight

kazakhstan weightlifter ilya ilyin kissing weight




Foolish Olympians Eating Über Carb-Rich Pasta

olympians eating pasta



American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Drunk AND Breaking the Seat-Belt Law

american swimmer ryan lochte drunk.jpg



Former Olympian Bruce Jenner and Those Damn Kardashians

former olympian bruce jenner kardashians



Former Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi Shilling For Mitt Romney

former olympian kristi yamaguchi campaigning for romney


Michael Phelps Disrespecting His Body With Subway

american swimmer michael phelps eating subway


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