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OMG, The Pope Does Wear Funny Hats!

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Earlier this week Pope Benedict XVI was photographed wearing a very casual white ball cap while wall strolling around his papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, just south of Rome.


I think we’re all more used to seeing the Holy See sporting his much more formal and traditional headwear such as this.


The big giant blinged out behemoth that he wears on religious holidays and special occasions.


Or the more casual white hat that he wears when he takes his pet candle Steven for walks.

Here’s a sample of His Holiness’s other laidback dome pieces.


Propeller Pope

Here’s what he wears when he wants to give a colorful and “uplifting” sermon.


Wizard Pope

Here’s what he wears on the red carpet at Harry Potter premieres.


Viking Pope

Here’s what he was wearing when goes to see Flavor Flav in concert.


Beer Drinking Pope

This is what he wears when he watches Monday Night Football.


Cat In The Hat Pope

Here’s his Dr. Seuss candyflipping raver look.


Stylish Kangol Pope

Here’s his smoothed out look for when he hangs with his good friend Samuel L. Jackson.


Mickey Mouse Pope

He wears this one when he wants to take a little piece of Disneyland wherever he goes.


Sparta Pope

He wears this one when he watches his favorite movie – 300.


Birthday Party Pope

The pope loves birthday cakes almost as much as he does communal wafers.


Bikini Inspector Pope

Here’s the pope’s MTV’s Spring Break in Cancun look.


Pirate Pope

This Halloween Pope B’s planning to dress like a pirate. (He was a ninja last year!)


Pimpin’ Pope

This is what he wore while recording his forthcoming wrap album (featuring Snoop Dogg) aptly named “Holy Smoke.”


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