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One of the Demons in Netflix’s ‘Neo Yokio’ Anime Is Based on Taylor Swift (Naturally)

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Netflix’s Neo Yokio — an anime created by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig that features Jaden Smith as a pink-haired sophisticate who fights demons — is out of its damn mind. This show makes less sense than, well, most anime. See for yourself:

Oh wait though is this show amazing?

But there is one aspect of Neo Yokio that makes perfect sense — one of the demons Anime Jaden Smith has to fight is based on ya girl Taylor Swift. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Koenig was asked if one of the characters was “a thinly veiled Taylor Swift”, to which he replied, “We wrote this a few years ago, and we wanted to reference stuff going on in New York in a kind of Law and Order way, so this was back when Taylor Swift was moving to New York and going to Knicks games and becoming the face of local tourism. It wasn’t, ‘Oh, let’s roast Taylor Swift.’ It was more just a cool idea: a pop star comes to Neo Yokio.”

Of course, since Koenig had his cute little Taylor Swift idea, the whole thing has become very prescient.

taylor swift neo yokio
The thing we all made Taylor Swift do was turn into a demon, as you may have suspected.< br />

I never would have thought of Taylor Swift as a demon myself, but then again, I never would have thought a giant Toblerone could be taken so seriously.

taylor swift neo yokio toblerone
Maybe I’m just not on Neo Yokio‘s level.< br />

Do you think Taylor Swift could really be a demon? Also, do you have any idea what’s going on in Neo Yokio? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!