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One Direction: 7 Secrets About The Band!

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One Direction is the hot new group of young boys that sing out of England that all the 13 year old girls are into. For .those of you who consider yourselves fans of the lads, have read all their articles in Tiger Beat, Guns & Ammo, Mother Jones, and The Economist, you might think you know everything there is to know. But One Direction has many secrets. Here are the secrets about One Direction that we have been able to uncover so far:


One Direction Doesn't Know How To Use Photoshop


This is the best picture they could make, even with all five of them helping out.


Harry Styles Doesn't Have A Sense Of Smell


The poor kid was born without nasal pasages, so he had them surgically added to his face when he was 16. Unfortunately they are merely for appearances, they are not capable of smell, and when he breathes through them it sounds like a skeleton running bllindly through a forest.


Niall Horan Is In His Late 70's


Niall, prior to makeup

It takes six hours of makeup every morning at 4am to make him look 17.


They All Sleep In The Same Bed


And wear the same matching pajamas.


Zayn Malik Has A Tail


Do not cross Zayn Malik.


One Of Them Is Pregnant


We don't know which two yet, but we have our suspicions.


They Are All Lannisters


Although I consider myself to be on the side of the Starks, at least we know One Direction always pays its debts.


What are some other secrets about One Direction? Let us know in the comments!


Who would win in a fight, One Direction, Or Justin Bieber With A Chainsaw?