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We Sent Mari, Wes, and Flitz on a Zero-Gravity Adventure

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Everyone wants to visit space, and Mari, Flitz, and Wes just got to experience the next best thing: zero gravity. To celebrate the premiere of Seth MacFarlane’s new sci-fi adventure show The Orville this Sunday, September 10, Fox sent the gang up in a ZERO-G plane to experience what it’s like in outer space (but, you know, with air). Of course, there was plenty of dancing, flips, and epic battles, because everyone on Smosh Games is a big dork.

Living the dream! Thanks Fox and The Orville for sponsoring this unforgettable adventure. And speaking of adventure, Seth MacFarlane stars in The Orville, a new space adventure series this fall from Fox. The Orville premieres Sunday, September 10 at 8/7c on Fox. More info: