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5 Oscar Winners Who Slummed It in Terrible Movies

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Movies move us to laugh, to cry, to truly feel human emotion as they plays out on the silver screen, and their participants, if talented enough, are bestowed with the ultimate in acting recognition — the Academy Award. And then those actors promptly take a dump all over that little bald statue. Here are five Oscar winners that slummed it in god-awful movies.

Ben Kingsley in The Love Guru

oscar winners kingsley

Ben Kingsley is one of the world’s most widely-respected actors, but that doesn’t stop him from making some straight-up head-scratchers, the most famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) being 2008’s dreadful Mike Myers vehicle, The Love Guru. All you need to know is that Kingsley, who is most famously known for playing Gandhi, portrayed a character named “Guru Tugginmypudha”. Yep. Now that I’ve had to Google how to spell that, I’m going to go wash my hands with bleach.

Jamie Foxx in Valentine’s Day

oscar winners foxx

We’ll forgive Jamie for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because his Electro was admittedly pretty dope. What we can’t forgive him for, however, is 2010’s abysmal Valentine’s Day. Foxx, who earned a Best Actor Oscar for Ray, appeared alongside an ensemble cast of roughly infinity actors in the schmaltzy rom-com. Can we just have him be Electro in everything? Think about how much cooler his movies would be. Electric DjangoElectric Ray — the possibilities are endless!

Al Pacino in Jack and Jill

oscar winners pacino

This one hurts my heart. National treasure Al Pacino is beloved by millions for his roles in films like Scarface and Scent of a Woman. But Jack and Jill… woof. This movie is the first ever to sweep the Razzie Awards, a sort of reverse-Oscars that “awards” non-excellence in film. It sits at a virtually unheard-of 3% on Rotten Tomatoes. And yet somehow, they snaked Tony Montana himself into participating. WHAT KIND OF DIRT DO THEY HAVE ON YOU, AL?

Dustin Hoffman in Little Fockers

oscar winners hoffman

Do you get it?! The name “Fockers” sounds like… well… you know. Apparently, this joke was fresh enough to span three films over a full decade. After 2000’s Meet the Parents, Hoffman would enter the franchise in 2004’s Meet the Fockers as Bernie Focker, patriarch of the Focker family, and reprise his role in 2010’s Little Fockers. Despite having the Best Actor-winning star of Rain Man in their corner, Little Lockers was a bonafide flop, one that no amount of crass wordplay could overcome. Just a big old flop. Right on their hands. Big. Flop.

Nicolas Cage in… oof… a lot of things

oscar winners cage

You had to know this one was coming. Despite his well-documented habit of taking damn near every role thrust in his general direction, people tend to forget that Nicolas Cage is a Best Actor winner for his part in 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas. As much as I’d love to defend you, Nic, your little gold man doesn’t mean a ton when you’ve been immortalized on film screaming, “NO, NO, NOT THE BEES, THEY’RE IN MY EYES!”


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