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Paul The Octopus Predicts Other Things

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Have you guys heard of this Paul the Octopus? He’s probably the best octopus. Other octopi just swim around the ocean, squirting out ink when they get scared like little octopansies. But Paul is awesome; he can tell the future. His trainers (or captors, whatever) place two boxes in his cage, each with the flag of a world cup team, and each with a tasty mussel inside. Paul picks a mussel/team, and for eight games in a row, including the World Cup final, Paul’s choice won the game.

But why you would waste a clairvoyant octopus on something stupid like soccer? There’s a whole world of not-soccer out there that Paul can predict.


Rainbow OR Double Rainbow?

Whether it’s girls sharing a cup, or rainbows, Paul knows two of something is always better.  



Jacob OR Edward?

As a cold blooded animal, Paul may be a bit biased towards “Team Edward.”


The Last Airbender OR Any Other Movie?

Paul predicts you should see any other movie. Literally, any movie besides “The Last Airbender.”


Sea Turtles OR BP?

I was sad to see Paul make this choice. I was really rooting for the sea turtles.


MySpace OR Facebook?

Three years too late, Paul.


Jail OR No Jail for Lindsay?

Paul was right about this one too.


Heidi OR Spencer?

In special cases, even Paul refuses to pick a favorite.


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