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People Are Turning Everything Into Anime-Inspired Waifus [24 Pics]

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All the way back in November, YouTuber Trinimmortal tweeted an idea for an anime about human versions of the planets, complete with a reoccurring joke about the Earth’s boobs. A few days later, @felipecunhaeloi responded with some artwork of the idea.

Earth-chan, a cute anime version of our planet, was born. Throughout December, Earth-chan grew into a meme, especially on the r/animememes subreddit. Since you can’t keep a good meme down, pretty soon people moved beyond the planets, and were drawing (or digging up old drawings) of anime versions of everything from foods to websites. Here are some of the best!


anime waifu earth chan
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Tide Pod Chan

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Clorox Chan

Nintendo Switch-chan


anime waifu origan
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anime waifu Steam-Chan
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Photoshop chan

anime waifu photoshop chan
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Internet Explorer-tan: Aizawa Inori

anime waifu internet explorer
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Spotify chan

YouTube – Chan

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Portal Turret-chan

anime waifu portal turret
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Cement Truck-Chan

Microwave Oven-chan

Oblivion Lockpick Mini Game-chan

Ugandan Knuckles-chan

Which Chan to you want to make into your waifu?